nzblord – quick and easy web-tool, that will help you to download files from the Usenet. To work with nzblord you don't need to have an account of Usenet Provider.

To download you need only NZB files with description of the required content. There are many NZB Search Engines, such as FindNZB, UsenetHub, NzbFriends, BiNZB etc.

How to use nzblord

Step 1
«New Task»
To create a new task you need to upload NZB file using one the three options below:
  • «NZB from My Computer»
    choose the NZB file on your hard drive
  • «NZB from Other Site»
    URL address of NZB file
  • «NZB Content»
    Paste content of NZB file directly into the form
Step 2
Waiting for the files to be downloaded from the Usenet
After the new task is set nzblord uploads the required files from the Usenet. Once this process is over you will be able to download the files to your computer
Step 3
Downloading files to your computer
You can look through the files downloaded from the Usenet and select some for download or you can download all together using the archiving function.

Enjoy :)

Main Functions

  • Simultaneous performance of multiple NZB downloading tasks
  • Notification when task is completed
  • Fast (up to 5MB) and multithreaded downloading of files to your computer
  • Archiving and easy download of large number of files
  • Our spyware scans all the files you are going to download
  • 100% operation with web-browser with no need to have the Usenet Provider account
  • Responsive and friendly Support

Terms Used

  • Usenet – A vast, global system of discussion and file sharing groups. Usenet has over a hundred thousand different groups and millions of participants around the world.
  • Usenet Provider – A company that provides people with access to a Usenet server. Providers charge a monthly fee for their service.
  • NZB – A text file that holds the output of a Usenet search engine, specifically, information about articles that meet specific criteria. Information in an NZB file is stored in XML format.
  • Newsgroup – A Usenet discussion group. It is a repository within the Usenet system, for messages posted from many users in different locations.
  • Retention – With respect to a specific Usenet server, the amount of time for which the server keeps data. Retention is typically measured in days.

Download any files from the Usenet without installation and complicated configuration of any additional software with no need to purchase access at Usenet Providers.

Our project will save your money, nerves and time!